On the hunt for backpacks

So the other day, Kat and I decided to go on the hunt for backpacks. After doing heaps of research, (Google and YouTube), we decided that a massive Duke of Edinburgh bag wasn’t for us.

Originally, we had only thought about a top loading hiking bag but after visiting some backpacking sites, which you can find here and here, we decided a simple travel rucksack would be awesome. Travel rucksacks are not like ordinary rucksacks, actually they resemble the sort of thing a first year of secondary school would wear, the ones with hidden pockets where they would whip out their Tamagotchis at lunchtime. Anyway, I had originally looked at the Berghaus Jalan 55 litre, this one was made for women, it comes with a detachable day bag which adds an extra 10 litres of space. However, Kat and I got to thinking what if we could do our trip without checking in any bags. We did some more research and found out there were loads of people travelling with only 32/37 litre bags. We came across the Osprey Farpoint 40 in Blacks.


As the name suggests, it is only 40litres and fits all the hand luggage requirements of domestic flights in Europe and Asia. I know it’s an expensive backpack but if it costs you £20 to check a bag every time you fly you’ll quickly get back the cash.

So far I think we are both sold on the Osprey, but we will keep you updated on the hunt for the right backpack.

Liv x


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