First night in Vietnam 

We flew out of Bangkok this afternoon but the weight allowance for carry on luggage was 7kg instead of Heathrow’s 10kg. So in order to ensure we didn’t have to pay for the extra weight we layered up…

Liv sporting 4 tops. Fashion on point.

The flight was less than 2 hours, and we flew through passport control because we already had our visas sorted. However, we were informed by another British tourist that as of late June 2015 the rules on visas for Vietnam have changed. In order to increase tourism, British tourists, among other countries, can enter Vietnam without a pre-sorted/ordered visa and stay for 15 days hassle free.

We got a minibus, from the airport, direct to our hostel which we managed to barter down to $3 (US) each. Upon arrival there had been a mixup with the bookings so we’ve been upgraded from our dorm room to a private room. Result.

We ventured onto the crazy streets of Vietnam. The most notable difference between Bangkok and Vietnam are the scooters! Scooters, scooters everywhere!

We walked through the maze of streets, dodging the crazy traffic, and sourced some vegetarian pho (noodle soup) for 60p. Note to self (and any veggies): being a vegetarian in South East Asia is tricky… They use meat for everything and they think you’re very weird when you just order rice and vegetables! However, we have managed so far.

The Old Quarter of Hanoi (where we are staying) is home to a lively street market hosting everything from food, to clothing, to kids toys. These markets fill streets for roughly 1km and are filled with just as many locals as tourists.

Currently lying on a spacious double bed, in an air conditioned room, using free wifi after an evening of witnessing the busy city of Hanoi, it’s safe to say, this is the life!

Katrina and Liv


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