Sapa first impressions…

So, with our first night train journey completed and now firmly settled into our beautiful little homestay located 10km outside Sapa I thought I’d post about how gorgeous it is here and put up some pictures so you can see (and burn with jealously) for yourselves.

the balcony (My Tra Homestay Sapa)

Not bad eh? It’s about 10/15 degrees cooler in Sapa than Hanoi city centre making the walking much more comfortable. We arrived in Lao Cai this morning at 5.30, got a mini bus to Sapa city centre then a taxi to our homestay out here, in the quieter village of Ta Van.
The owners, an Australian man and his Vietnamese girlfriend, greeted us, drew up a map of the area, and fed us with the most incredible eggs and toast I think we’ve ever had.

Stomachs full, and with tips and advice, from other backpackers, on how to spend the day, securely stored, we set off to explore.

Unique to Sapa are the tribes of girls and women, they speak some English and are really friendly but their main aim is to try and sell you their handicrafts and they don’t give in easily!

the bag we bought in exchange for help with our walk today

As we left the house, 2 young tribe girls followed us and began speaking to us. Before long they were holding our hands and guiding us to the waterfall.

one of our 2 helpers

The walk took roughly 3.5 hours and it was filled with spectacular scenery…

Some muddy slopes…

i fell…

A beautiful waterfall…

Rice paddies and a rocky river…


And two very happy travellers…

After completing our first walk of Sapa, we returned back to the homestay for an amazing lunch, a movie and a much needed nap!

All in all, an awesome day.

Day 2 brought more of the same beauty but also more rain… We left the homestay and headed towards another of the Sapa villages, Lao Chai.

rainy walk to Lao Chai

We had to take shelter in a little street food restaurant, to hide from the rain.

But we soon set off again to continue our walk. We chose to walk up over a little mountain and found ourselves faced with mud slopes again. We embraced our inner Lara Croft and walked over the rocks and the river, clambered up the mountain side and descended down through the mud (sometimes on all fours).

Our time in Sapa, so far, has been wonderful, an unmissable part of Vietnam.

Katrina and Liv


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