Nha Trang

Our time in Nha trang was less culture and more sun, sea, sand and beer (too much beer).
We enjoyed a Vietnamese sandwich called a Bahn Mi when we arrived. The locals sell these sandwich rolls from little carts on the streets all over Vietnam but this was the first time we’d seen a vegetarian stand. We enjoyed 2 hearty crusty rolls filled to the brim with veggies, tofu and homemade sauces all for a bank-breaking 30p.

We spent the afternoon chilling on the beach discussing foreign politics and the difference between the Canadian, American and British education system with our international dorm friends. Conclusion: despite the £9,000 tuition, I’m glad I’m studying in Britain!

The first night we were lead astray and persuaded into drinking, a lot of drinking. 2 restaurants, 1 rooftop bar, 1 cheesy westernised bar, drinking games and 12 beers later it’s safe to say we were slightly worse for wear. Some more than others (cue Liv throwing up).

The next morning we got up, got dressed and ready to embark on the snorkelling tour we had planned only to come to the executive decision that we wouldn’t be able to make the most of it this hungover. Trip postponed, we headed back to bed to sleep off the beer.

When we awoke the second time we were a little less groggy and headed back to the beach. We were approached by a Vietnamese artist (and savvy business man) who convinced us to buy one of his paintings on silk for £6. This guy has it all figured out.. Selling on silk that doesn’t weigh anything and doesn’t crease when folded – the perfect travel souvenir. You can check out his work here.

Learning from our mistakes, we spent the evening watching a film, instead of drinking the night away, so that we could be clear headed for our trip in the morning. Unfortunately, 2 of the people in our dorm fell sick and with no desire to catch their bug we got a room transfer and moved away from the sickies.


travelling by boat to Munn Island to snorkle

The snorkelling trip was a lot of fun! We were picked up from our hotel by mini bus and then got on a boat with about 20 others and went over to Munn Island. We got to snorkel in 3 different locations, sunbathe on the top off the boat and were extremely well fed.


banquet on the boat


this is dragon fruit (similar to melon)

Due to my lack of waterproof camera, you guys will have to settle for my recitation of what we saw: beautiful rainbow coloured fish, eels (one of which was potentially dead and lying on the bottom of the sea), Dory fish, schools of mini fish and beautiful coral (which I cut my knee on).


Liv rocking the snorkelling gear

When we returned to the hostel they let us shower (even though we had already checked out) and the receptionist even rubbed fresh aloe Vera on my pink shoulders!

We are currently chilling and about to start planning out our time in Cambodia as we leave for our final destination in Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh, tonight.


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