We are Katrina and Liv; students, part-time workers and aspiring travellers.

Here are a few fun pictures of us:

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20, Engineering student, Uni of Liverpool

Until a few years ago the furthest I had traveled was to Turkey, when I was about 10. Last year, my friend and I decided to go on a mad one and book flights to Sri Lanka for a two week holiday. The sheer natural beauty of the island inspired me greatly and I wanted to see more. This two week holiday didn’t give me enough chance to see everything I wanted to, and it made me crave the backpacking lifestyle.

After a missed trip to Europe due to work and university commitments, some friends and I decided to travel Eastern Europe in the summer of 2015. However, after realising the opportunities I had already missed because of working throughout my summer breaks, I decided to screw the system and do what I want. With Kat in tow, I decided to spend the rest of my summer traveling the best of Southeast Asia. I literally cannot wait to see another turtle.


20, Law student, Uni of Liverpool

I was lucky enough to go on family holidays abroad every summer when I was young but, after my 1 month expedition to Borneo, when I was 16, I realised I wanted to travel as much as I could. The difference in culture, food and lifestyle and the freedom of it all had me hooked.

After finishing my A-levels, instead of taking a gap year, I headed straight to university so I didn’t get the chance to see anymore of the world, but I am hoping that’s about to change…


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